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Plate Ice Machine Automatic Integration Technology Come Out

Source:   Type:Industry News   Date:2014-11-13  Share:

    Report from our correspondent ( Reporter Jianling Zheng ) led by the famous ice machine enterprise Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd, a large fishing port plate ice machine automatic integration technology solutions, recently passed a design review from the national fisheries, refrigeration industry experts, this indicates that in China, self-developed automatic plate ice machine integration technology was born. It is reported that the technical program not only covers the automatic integration process of ice making, ice storage, ice delivery, ice selling and ice packing, but also does a crisis warning and treatment program.

Beijing Institute of Refrigeration experts said, compared with flake ice, ice block and other commonly used refrigeration products on the market, plate ice has advantages such as, good ventilation, constant refrigeration temperature, long cooling time etc. To the preservation, processing and transportation of temperature-sensitive aquatic products, it is the best protective products.

According to reports, in Japan, Korea and Taiwan of China, plate ice has long been widely used in aquaculture fisheries, cold chain logistics, supermarket fresh display, food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical dyes, fermentation engineering, construction concrete cooling engineering, mine cooling , ice storage engineering, paper engineering and other fields. Experts in Tsinghua University said, Koller has achieved success in the automatic integration technology of large-scale consumption of square ice, and has assured the large needs of ice during the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and London Olympics, which, theoretically and practically, played a foundation role in the plate ice machine automatic integration technology.

Industry experts said Koller plate ice machine automatic integration technology will change the traditional way of ice using in fishery, chemical, medical, food, the concrete industry and will accelerate the ice fields of fisheries, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc. to be more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, higher efficient and safer.

China Quality News Network  April 9th ,2014 09:22:53