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Snow Ice Maker

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Snow Ice Machine SM60

Description:Inside and outside the box is made of high quality stainless steel, health, beautiful and durable.
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Product Details

Koller SM Series Snow Ice Machine:

1、Unique patented siphon drainage way can make the scale not be piled up and make the ice more crystal clear.

2、Overflow drainage can constantly drain scale at the bottom of water tank from the machine and make ice more transparent and hard. It lower the ice center temperature and prolonged

the solvent time, so the ice drink will be more refreshing, crisp and tasting fine.

3、By humanity design for cold light lamp, people can take ice freely under the weak light without disturbing others. It can easily add ultraviolet germicidal lamp to make the ice more clean

ing and let people more healthy as well as the machine more environmentally friendly.

4、Vertical Ice Machine has a elegant appearance with the design of arc shape door and door frame.

5、Split Ice Machine is very convenient for maintaining to get off the front panel by just easily unbolting off the four screws and frame structure can quickly remove the right and left side panel,roof and back panel.

6、Optional intelligent voice system can report faults and makes more convenient for the usage and maintenance.

Koller SM Series Snow Ice Machine Parameter:

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