How to Make Ice Blocks ?

transparent block ice

1. Prepare the Ice Maker

Ensure that your industrial ice maker is clean and in proper working condition. Make sure it is connected to a reliable power supply and water source.

2. Adjust Settings

Set the ice maker to produce larger ice blocks follwing the manufacturer’s manual or guidelines. Most industrial ice makers have adjustable settings for ice size and thickness.

3. Water Supply

Connect a sufficient supply of water to the ice maker. Ensure that the water supply is clean and free from any impurities.

4. Ice Making Process

Activate the ice maker and allow it to start the ice-making process. The exact process and duration will depend on the specific model of the industrial ice maker.

5. Harvesting

Once the ice blocks are formed and solidified, the ice maker will initiate the harvest cycle.

How to Make Clear Ice Balls ?

some ball ice

1. Water Quality

Ensure that you use high-quality, filtered water to reduce impurities and minerals that can cause cloudiness in the ice balls.

2. Prep the Machine

Make sure your industrial ice ball machine is clean and properly connected following the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Fill the Machine

Fill the water reservoir of the ice ball machine with the filtered water.

4. Adjust Settings

Set the machine to create clear ice balls according to the manufacturer’s manual.

5. Freeze Cycle

Start the ice-making cycle and allow the machine to freeze the water into ice balls. The exact duration will depend on the machine specifications.

6. Harvest the Ice Balls

Once the freezing cycle is complete, the machine will automatically release the ice balls. Collect the clear ice balls from the machine’s ice chamber or storage container.

Block Ice vs. Cube Ice vs. Sphere Ice

CategoryBlock IceCube IceSphere Ice
ShapeLarge solid blocksSmall, square or rectangular cubesSpherical
SizeTypically larger in sizeSmaller in sizeGenerally larger than standard ice cubes
AestheticsIrregular shapeUniform and defined shapeOften considered visually appealing
DilutionMelts slowly, minimal dilutionMelts faster, moderate dilutionMelts slower, leading to less dilution
ApplicationIndustrial cooling, transportationBeverage chilling, presentation, cocktailsOften used in specialty cocktails, luxury drinks