Fishery & Supermarket

Highly advanced fish cooling, seafood preservation and quick-freezing process for fresh water and salt water. Ice flake, block, and slurry machines with distinctive features are perfect and recommended for your business.

Effective Cooling Solutions

Ice flake

No damage to your products with smooth edges. Available for the fish in fresh water & salt water.

Ice block & Ice crusher

Keep fish preservation lasting for a longer time. Cooling range can be intensified with ice crusher when needed.

Ice slurry

Freeze products efficiently with largest contact area. Popular for luxury seafood preservation on board.

Successful Case Study

Koller solutions have helped more than hundreds of partners to achieve their business success.
Flake Ice Machine Case in Angola
3 sets of 20 tons flake ice machine for sea water
Ice Block Machine Case in Korea
1 set of 5 tons ice block machine

2 set of 8tons ice cube machine
Ice Flake Machine Case in Bahrain
3 sets of 20 tons flake ice machine
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Related Machines Recommendation

High-volume production in a short time and customizable ice sizes for your special requirements.
Daily Capacity
5 ton/day
Dimension (mm)
Daily Capacity
5 ton/day
Dimension (mm)
Daily Capacity
3 ton/day
Dimension (mm)