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Frequently Ask Questions

Why choose Koller as your ice machine supplier?

Since 2004, Koller have partnered with over 180 countries and many customers re-purchase again and again. With rich experience, comprehensive service and quick response, we know what your need and capable of providing you a suitable solution.

How can the quality be ensured?

Our quality department inspects the quality in every aspect of the whole production process, and testing pictures or videos can be provided as proof for you to check the details. Inspection by a third party agency is also welcomed.

Is the installation difficult? How's the installation service?

1) Most of the machines come in complete, if it is not, installment tools will be covered in the shipment . For guidance, operation manual, video and online support will also be available for you.

2) If needed, we can send our engineer to assist the installation and provide technical support and train your workers with only accommodation fee and round-trip ticket.

How's the after-sales service?

1) 12 months free spare parts & repairment warranty after delivery.

2) 24/7 free online technical support for life time

3) Over 10 engineers available for service overseas.

4) If warranty has expired, only need fee for replacing spare parts.